Sunday, August 17, 2014

In the Painted Canyon, Theodore Roosevelt NP @ $5 a night!

 Hiked ~5 miles down and back in the Painted Canyon.  Outstanding!

We've been busy the last couple days enjoying all that Theodore Roosevelt National Park has to offer. I love our campsite which is quite large. Yesterday we drove around the 36 mile scenic drive where we saw prairie dogs (which are a hoot!) more bison and a gorgeous landscape.  Today we drove down to Painted Canyon visitor centor and hiked down to the canyon floor and hiked around. One of us was on full snake patrol!!! Let's see if I can upload some pictures.
 On the scenic drive yesterday. From a distance looks like huts
 The long distance view reminds of of Grand Canyon
 This is for my boys...Enlarge this and check out mushrooms growing out of a bison chip!
 So far my favorite picture! They eventually ran downhill and it was quite a site watching those big boys when their mojo got to moving!
Yes I am the queen ;)

Friday, August 15, 2014

Beautiful elk

Wednesday we drove the length of Yellowstone and spent the night in Mammoth right on the border of Mmontana. Yesterday we drove all across Montana which took us probably five and a half hours or so and spent the night in Miles, Montana Today we're headed into Theodore Roosevelt National Park and plan on spending several days there.  That's all this precaffeine person has to say. Hahaha. Mum--

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

This is Menor's Ferry. There are two pontoons under the ferry and the cable system keeps it in place. The pilot turns a wheel and points the pontoons toward the opposite bank using the pressure of the current to move ferry to other side. Very simple rig but works well!

 We were heading to Menor's Ferry and saw these big boys and girls along the road. They held up traffic while prancing across the road!
Today we took Menor's Ferry  (thanks Bev for tellingus!!!) across the Snake River on a replica of the original ferry constructed in 1890's. This picture was taken across the Snake River showing Menor's general store and housing. If I can figure out how to get the video upright I will post or I might post anyway so you get the drift..just turn your head I bought a new bike seat, got rid of the huge padded thing and replaced it with a smaller, still padded saddle. I don't understand why the padding on my buns doesn't help Our original plan was to head North tomorrow, but as so often is the case, plans change and we are staying another day to hike around one of the several lakes in the area. The Tetons are so peaceful and quite.